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LifeLight – Why?

My name is Matthew Macaulay and I’ve made an album called Life/Light.
Why? Let me start with a story...
A man worked on a farm. One day the farmer came to him and placed a small red bucket in his hand. "I need you to go out into the fields to collect water."
"But why?"
"Do you trust me?"
"Then don't question me, just return when your bucket is full."
The man walked out into the fields, thinking it would only take a couple of weeks to fill the bucket. It took seven years. He filled it with drops of rain and even his tears. Eventually he wandered back to the farm. "Here is the water I collected.”
"Will you let me use it?"
"But it's taken me seven years to collect."
"I know," said the farmer. "Do you still trust me?"
"I do."
And with that the farmer emptied the small bucket of water into his reservoir.
Life and Light. These two words describe who Jesus is and what we can share with others when we follow him. Honest. That’s the one word I can think of that best describes the album.
Catching fish. That’s what I hope the album will do. I hope it will help people by giving them something that lights the way, something that draws them home.
Or, to put it another way - It took me a while to fill this little bucket. But I hope it can help bring life where life is needed. (read more...)

LifeLight – the Dark

We all have some understanding of darkness. Dark is opposite to light. Darkness is a nuisance, it’s irritating, energy sapping and can turn dreams into a blur. The thing about darkness is that it makes the light obvious, irresistible and undeniable. You recognise the Light in darkness. It’s what gives you hope and life for another day. "The LifeLight blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn't put it out". (read more...)

LifeLight – the Light

I love the sun, I love it’s warmth, I love the way it’s light brings life to things. The moment it hits your face on a walk during a long cold winter suddenly makes you stop and remember. It takes you to another place, just for a moment you feel like you can breath it in and out again and somehow you feel as though you could stay there forever. I love the imagery, the creativity that God used knowing that we were designed to respond to and enjoy light. I know that in the same way when I see Jesus and know him by his spirit that I want to stop and stand still for as long as possible. For he is Life and his Light is the light that I want to live by. (read more...)


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